WoolOn™ 2009

WoolOn™ 2009

2009 WoolOn™ Creative Fashion Event Results

Supreme Award Winner
Danielle Dunn with her Special Occasion gown. Judges commented that this garment "puts the sex back into wool!"

Young Designer Winner
Chloe Hishon. Judges commented that there is "So much talent shown in this piece, like a piece of art. We were blown away."

Highly Commended: Riva Rebecca Nadarajah. Judges commented that "This looks like a ball dress, and is such a lovely flattering shape"
Winner: Daphne Randle. Judges commented that this is "Such a striking piece that is so beautifully made"

Highly Commended: Alysha Gover. Judges commented that this is a "Architecturally very interesting piece, almost sculptural"
Winner: Sally Reynolds. Judges commented that that this is a "Very striking outfit that obviously tells a story"

Highly Commended: Andrea Bonney. Judges commented that the "Picture within the felting is very pretty, also a very wearable and cute dress"
Winner: Angela Meecham. Judges commented that this is "Absolutely amazing, with the details of the design blowing us away"

Highly Commended: Gillian Shaw. Judges commented that the "Colours sit perfectly in this sensory experience"
Winner: Carolyn Laing. Judges commented that this is "Very creative in the way that it is worn and put together"

Street Wear
Highly Commended: Viv Tamblyn. Judges commented that "this garment has a fantastic fashion forward look and is young and edgy"
Winner: Marjorie Boys. Judges commented that "this garment is very wearable, innovative, well tailored and functional"

Special Occasion
Highly Commended: Jeanie MacDonald. Judges commented that this is "Sophisticated, fashion orientated, lovely fine knit that is very modern"
Winner: Danielle Dunn. Judges commented that this is "Very glam, has a real wow factor"

These winners were judged by: Amanda Waugh of Waugh's Clothing Dunedin, Tamsin Cooper fashion designer and label founder, and Angela Stone wardrobe stylist.

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