WoolOn™ 2012

WoolOn™ 2012

2012 winners were: 

Supreme Award 2012
Kusum Bangari

Special Occasion
Winner - Kusum Bangari, Himalayan Drama
Highly Commended - Sharon Gilchrist, “Merino and Wool it’s a Special Occasion”

Highly Commended -Denise Mc Girr, “Snow Queen”
Winner - Elaine Macgregor, “Winter Rose”
Highly Commended - Laurel Judd, “Colour Collision”
Young Designer - Hannah Heslop, “Avalanche”
Winner - Viv Tamblyn, “Curvaceous”
Highly Commended - Sarah Beth Bell, “Grace”
Winner - Becs Calder, “Scottish Settler”
Winner - Maureen McKenzie, “Shot Over”
Winner - Daphne Randle, “Kensa”
Highly Commended - Rosalie Harrex, “Shell Coat”
Avant Garde
Winner - Denise McGirr, “My Ram"
Highly Commended - Helen Sunitsch, “You Dragon I Never Promised”

 2013 dates Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October 2013
 Entry details will be posted in July 2013

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Dear Wool On Participant
I have been working on an online ordering system for the Wool On event to make it easier for designers, models and guests to order photographic prints and digital files.  If you are interested in ordering photos from the 2012 event and past events please follow the instructions below:
Ordering Photographic Prints and Digital Files - To view the photos and make orders from the 2012 Wool On Creative Fashion event (taken by professional photographer Janyne Fletcher),  please go to the following website:
This takes you to the 2012 gallery you will find about 25 pages of images (sorry it may take a while to get through them!) .  Once you have selected you images – just follow the instructions given on the photo sales website.
I am in the process of uploading galleries for the 2011 event, 2010 event and 2009 event and these galleries can be viewed and orders made by clicking on the links below:
Wool On 2011             http://www.photosales.co.nz/gallery.php?gid=874
Wool On 2010             http://www.photosales.co.nz/gallery.php?gid=875
Wool On 2009             http://www.photosales.co.nz/gallery.php?gid=876
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or problems with the system.
Kind regards
Janyne Fletcher - janyne@janynefletcher.co.nz

WoolOn™ 2015

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