WoolOn™ 2013

WoolOn™ 2013

The creative fashion event of Central Otago's 2013 Results

Supreme Winner - Daphne Randle "Radiation" 1st Knitwear

1st Meanswear - Laurel Judd "About Face"
1st Street Wear - Beverley Muir "Enchantress"
1st Avante Garde - Carolyn Laing "Heart Felt"
1st Special Occasion - Becs Calder "Maid-In Merino"
1st Felted - Laurel Judd "On the Prowl"
1st Young Designer - Hannah Heslop "Silver Fox"
1st Accessory - Gillian Shaw "Traditional Bridal Bouqet"

Highly Commended - Heather McKenzie "Beyond the Garden Gate"
Highly Commended - Beverley Muir "Classic Touch"
Highly Commended - Justine Balcar "Matariki"
Highly Commended - Daphne Randle "Peruvian Cats"
Highly Commended - Brie Davidson "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

WoolOn™ 2015

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