The News Round the Clock Race

Supporters and spectators cheered the on competitors as they traversed the Manuherikia River and scrambled up the hillside to the Alexandra clock during the 2016 Round the Clock Race.

The popular Round the Clock Race is as tough as it gets and competitors needed to be in top condition to conquer the steep terrain and icy river which made up the course leading to Alexandra’s iconic clock on the hill.

There was a great mixture of children and adults competing in the 2016 event, either as individuals or teams.

Here were the 2016 results

School Teams
1.       Alexandra Primary School - l E-Lemonators
2.       The Terrace Schoo - l Literally Anything
3.       The Terrace School -  Road  Runners
Open Team
1.       Altitude Bikes 7min 28 sec
2.       Alex Squash Club 7min 59 sec
3.       Pulse 7min 30 secs
Individual Female
1.       Stevie Paine 10min 18sec
2.       Fiona Dowling 10min 54sec
3.       Kia Wales 11min 04sec
Individual Male
1.       Ollie Yeoman 8min 46sec
2.       Kalle Oliver 9min 42sec
3.       Antz Longman 9min 54sec

Race Timing



The 2017 race will be held on Friday, September 22nd. The timing of the event will be:

  • Announced later in the year

Entry Information



Entries for the 2017 Round The Clock Race event will be available later in the year.


Race Details



The starting point will be The Linger and Die (off River Road) Alexandra. Entries will be taken on the night.

Spectators are most welcome to line the course to cheer on the competitors.

For additional information contact: Trevor Breen, 021 340 713